VSITC Editorial 

Why Pro Choice?

By Venus Banuelos 

Having grown up knowing I’d been planned, wanted and tried for, I knew my Daddy wanted me and loved me. I was the apple of his eye and those of my Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles too. (Much to the shagrin of every single family member, cousins & siblings especially. But still be not mistaken my Sister is the Cherished most favorite still. My place has never been lost on me.) Loved and spoiled to the point of brat even, dare I say. 

When I got pregnant with my first, I was astonished to my very core when asked immediately, “You’re going to have an abortion of course, aren’t you?” 

Shook in my soul. Forced to ask myself a real question. I answered immediately! “No! Absolutely not!” 

I knew my family had waited my entire life for a mini me and would kill me if I aborted my unborn child. (At the very least never speak to me again.) I was loved and my child was to be loved. 

My ex, the necromancer has a long history of having women abort his unborn children. I knew I wasn’t going to live with myself had I followed suit, as his last two ex wives and only God knows how many ex girlfriends and flings. 

No judgement, for I’m certain they couldn’t really have known his cruel heart. He sells a good game. Lying is his forte, after all. God bless him. Truly. And God bless each of the women that fell for his betrayal. 

Dear Lord it gags me to even think. At least 5 abortions in all that I know of and I wasn’t going to join these women on their quest to prove their love for him. 

“How could you love a baby you don’t know more than me?” “I need you!” “Don’t you love me?” “How could you throw our love away for a baby you don’t even know?” All so childish and self absorbed. (our baby) he would plead on the phone to me daily. And I am so grateful, I didn’t cave! Praise Jesus! 

So young and naive, I could never understand a women’s need for an abortion as I’d always been mindful. 

It took me becoming 30 or so before I really understood how narrow minded thinking that living in my perfect bubble afforded me. Privilege is designed to keep you in it and away from any real truth. 

As I started coming into my own as a journalist. Realizing the more I read and report/ repost the news that evil in the world was real, not just a myth or fairytale. But is true and really exists, babies and children were actually suffering. Precious souls were pouring into the universes energies tortured, burdened and hurt. 

Still though for myself, I hadn’t changed my personal core beliefs. Pregnant with twins, my Dr. told me, “Your babies have a 48% chance of having Down Syndrome. And a late term abortion was viable.” I looked my ex in the eyes and said, “absolutely not!” “We will love our babies how ever God sends them to us.”

Though I’m an erased Mom. (Subject for an entirely different editorial) I wouldn’t go back and chose differently. My girls are perfect! Thank you Jesus! Absolutely divine gifts from God. Praise the good Lord!

For myself I’ve not been in a real position to have to choose. None vital as other women and their experiences. Though looking in at me  and my story one might think I’ve a hard life and maybe. But if I look through the giant scope of reality and see the women of the world and the life’s they’ve endured, I’ve been more than blessed. 

Somewhere I read in a tweet or on a meme on Instagram. “Not everyone was raised like you.” That being said, everyone has different needs, desires and aspirations. 

I wanted to be a Mom and was amazed God gifted me the miracles of motherhood, though astonished he’d not given me the whole package. Only later to realize that was just my choice of lovers as fathers. Not God. 

But that doesn’t mean that is everyone’s desire or an option in every women’s story. There are women already suffering horrendous lives and a baby as a result is not helping anyone including her. 

Now, new abortion legislation in NYC isn’t even about these women solely. This legislation is to protect the rights of women, all women, wealthy and poor that live in conditions we can hardly imagine and great conditions too but it’s not about money, it’s a matter of life or death at child birth for the child and mother. 

There is clear wording regarding this fact and the good judgement expected to be used by physicians is included. 

The legislation is available to read online. I printed it, read it all weekend to exhaustion. 

It had me thinking of all the stories of women hurting themselves or children due to the weight of motherhood they had been unable to bare.

Thinking of the high mortality rates of minority women and how this legislation will actually save women’s lives. 

I definitely am no voice for the Christian community. 

I’ve read plenty of what Christian leaders have shared of their opinions and I can see we most assuredly do not agree on all issues. This is only my opinion, based on my 42 years of life experience. 

Every woman has the right to her body to do as her soul see’s fit. And I’m not on this planet in any capacity to tell any women she may not abort her unborn child. 

I do not have to live with the consequences of another women’s decisions either way she should choose. 

Contrary to what some extremist Christians may believe, I do not expect that OB-GYN everywhere to be in their offices like crazy mad Satan worshipping blood sacrificing demons ready to eat baby brains! Drooling devilishly at this news. 

Or mad scientists growing with diabolical laughs. These are still professionals but deeper than that, they are human beings. This legislation frees Doctors from the red tape that was keeping them from saving lives. 

In closing, I pray we are look a little deeper into subjects that do not necessarily effect our personal lives but do affect half the countries population. So we may really understand each other more lovingly. 


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