Prince Of Chiva

Asked recently by a recruiter of a school for highly privileged children, kids of those of a certain reputation, “How is it the heiress to such great a Drug fortune doesn’t have tracks on her arms nor an addiction to the drug her Father was known best for? What secret is it you keep that keeps you from acting on such behavior inherent to your inheritance?” These were the questions…

Mind you this is not a side of my reality I discuss freely, so imagine my surprise.

Aside from a weak constitution when it comes to blood, needles and heroine my absolute desire not to ruin my one chance to live on Earth is the biggest reason. I’ve watched many family and friend dump their lives into a gutter and then a grave all for a high. I decided as a child, not I. A decision made in my youth, I assure you. A choice I’ve stayed committed to. Not really spending time in places nor around those that do partake. 

Having been invited into the world I was privilege to at 16, I choose not to follow a lifestyle that could lead me to hide like a criminal. Raised in the US, I became quite spoiled by the comfort of freedom. And I work very hard to maintain that comfort.

Being recruited to work with young people, children of parents and backgrounds much like my own (suspected Drug trafficker – never convicted.) Never saw that coming. Didn’t even know I was on their radar. Not certain that’s a good thing actually… but for heaven sake… Such is life. Life is plenty weird. Praise God for every oddity!

Why do I choose a life of service over my throne of terror my Daddy built. Because my blood lines owe God debt. Our outlandish sinful behavior for generations is atrocious. My Iniquity learned is no excuse and I’ll not continue to play party to family curses. 

I refuse to submit to that in which was built for me, live in a way of life I wouldn’t want for my children or anyone else’s raised in. I refuse to contribute to the continued deconstruction of society and the dismantling of love and life created by God almighty!

Joyously I’ll teach your children, absolutely. I’m happy to step up an help rear kids in delicate life situations. It is the children that suffer the sins of the father and those are the ones God made me the way I am for. 

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I live a low key high profile life in Los Angeles, CA and Portland, Oregon for the last 20 years. I'm also guilty of a notoriously scandalous sex and love life of past. A once Disciplinarian and co owner of the, "Red Velvet Torture Chamber", in Hollywood, CA. Affectionately known as the, "RVTC". April 19, 2001 Portland, Oregon, Rose Garden Arena now, MODA Center. I pissed off Angus Young of AC/DC for, "steeling my bloody show", as he put it. It was also his thought that I should... Well I guess you'll have to watch for the rest of the story. one of many Sexless In The City tales I'll share about NOT sleeping my way to where I am.


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