The Big Question


The Big Question…


The Big Question


Everyone always asks…

“Are you planning to stay abstinent forever?”

My answer! “Oh hell no!”, (I wish I wasn’t abstinent now! But here I am, still waiting for a man to step up…) 

And I’m not giving up the 24 carrot inlayed bone China to any man until I’m married! Not during dating, not after engagement… I want to know what real commitment feels like. I need to know how security feels. I deserve to be truly loved and cared for by a man fearless to take the leap of faith.

I owe it to myself to be patient, to experience God’s promise on my life. My Holy Father has been pure and generous in every area of my life. I’m grateful to honor God with my commitment. In preparation to commit to a man. I’ve been diligent in my love of God and self and I seek the man to match my passion…

I’m not expecting a virgin, as I am obviously not a virgin. I am expecting a master and commander of his own mind, body and soul. A man in submission to God, not society. A master of his own heart and habits. I pray for him to be a kind loving man, caring of all nations. A man of great action and thoughtful well chosen words. A man to love me and be kind to others too. 

In a world full of amazing men. I only need one willing to walk up to me and introduce himself and politely ask me out on a date. A man capable and willing to prepare a date for us. A man fearless in chivalry. Open the car door please, hold the restaurant door. Pack a picnic blanket for the beach. And a man still able to enjoy the great outdoors. A bike ride in the city or the country. 

Strong and firm in his passions and beliefs but still flexible in his ability to be refined and that he may be wrong. Willing to adapt quickly in changing times and environments. A man rich in compassion and empathy. Yet still strong in his use of discernment. 

I know there is a man for me. I easily could be that ultra aggressive female and just grab up a man and claim him. I dislike using that side of me to date. I am tired of that same old BS. I’ve no desire to be that woman and it has gotten me exactly no where in life being that woman. 

Thus why I’m going the complete opposite direction then I’ve always gone. In hopes to not have my heart broken again. Who knows if we shall go all the way to the ends of our life together, though it is my prayer to do so. I’d love to give it a go, I’m ready to put my best foot forward and have faith for it. 

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I live a low key high profile life in Los Angeles, CA and Portland, Oregon for the last 20 years. I'm also guilty of a notoriously scandalous sex and love life of past. A once Disciplinarian and co owner of the, "Red Velvet Torture Chamber", in Hollywood, CA. Affectionately known as the, "RVTC". April 19, 2001 Portland, Oregon, Rose Garden Arena now, MODA Center. I pissed off Angus Young of AC/DC for, "steeling my bloody show", as he put it. It was also his thought that I should... Well I guess you'll have to watch for the rest of the story. one of many Sexless In The City tales I'll share about NOT sleeping my way to where I am.


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