Submission Is A Masters Game

Soon after we embarked on our great journey into the unknown, it was time for Douglas to reveal his truest nature to the world, I named him Damion Black. Actually that’s, “Damion Fucking Black”, to be exact. Until now, it never really occurred to me how necessary the “middle name” was essential to his true identity. Preparatory upon introduction of him even.

Operating a dungeon/ production studio with my ex left no day a bore. After many years of me back and forth between PDX and LA, trying to live be a normal life and tiring of its monotonous pulse without the magic of production, and the wild adventure of the unknown in the world we’d created together and apart.

One example of our daily bread, a lovely afternoon in the valley 2004, Valley Village, CA Laural Canyon Blvd. The Barkley Building. Damion always having his eye open for new talent, met a delightful little pixie that lived and worked near the studio. As it turned out, she was a  paid submissive at a near by dungeon. 

Damion did as Damion always did and boasted of me before she even entered our studio. Always made me feel weird but it was him, The forever hype man. 

She begged to have, “The Goddess”, bind her in our silk ropes. Mastery of Binding, a passion of mine. (He knew how to stroke my ego, the master necramancer he was.

Once there, I was asked to bind her, bound her in silk, I did. She loved the bind so that she had herself, in my binding, tattooed on her whole arm, elbow to shoulder. An absolute honor! Just a simple day in the life of a Disciplinarian. 

Damion Black, “The Master”, filmed as I bond her. One more freaky day in my life on achieve in the box. 

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I live a low key high profile life in Los Angeles, CA and Portland, Oregon for the last 20 years. I'm also guilty of a notoriously scandalous sex and love life of past. A once Disciplinarian and co owner of the, "Red Velvet Torture Chamber", in Hollywood, CA. Affectionately known as the, "RVTC". April 19, 2001 Portland, Oregon, Rose Garden Arena now, MODA Center. I pissed off Angus Young of AC/DC for, "steeling my bloody show", as he put it. It was also his thought that I should... Well I guess you'll have to watch for the rest of the story. one of many Sexless In The City tales I'll share about NOT sleeping my way to where I am.


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